Maximizing Your Productivity With Your Android Phone

When productiveness subjects, the system or technique you’ve got in vicinity needs to keep pace together with your needs. For the cellular professional, carrying a laptop round doesn’t always work and is seldom the maximum convenient manner to maximise your productiveness. As for paper based planners and to do lists, their bulk and restrained talents are short to slow down even the satisfactory laid plans.

Fortunately, the evolution of smart phones have reached the tipping factor. Much extra than a method of cellular communication, smart telephones are a effective and powerful method to maximizing your productiveness. I have explored and experimented with numerous smart telephones and feature landed squarely on the Android OS. Not handiest to address my verbal exchange wishes, however to also help design and enforce my organizational and productiveness gadget.

Being a small enterprise owner of a element-time business, a Sales Manager for a Fortune 250 global organisation, an reputable in my domestic town, a husband and father or , my time needs to be maximized, productive and prepared. With the help of a few apps on my Android primarily based phone, I can accomplish all the tasks I want to for my business lifestyles, and also have masses of excellent time for my personal life.

Here’s how I do it.

Google Apps

The Android OS integrates seamlessly with among the loose Google apps. Most importantly for productivity, are Google Calendar, GMail, Docs, Tasks and Voice. Each of those apps are loose and simplest require setting up a Google account.

Google calendar integrates and mechanically updates the calendar on my Android cellphone anywhere I am. With the introduced capability to percentage my calendar, my commercial enterprise companion can view, edit and add activities to my calendar. These changes are synced without delay to my telephone. As I am seldom in my workplace, having live updates through the Google Sync app on my phone, lets in me the self belief that I usually realize what my ever converting day seems like.

The integrated email in container on Android telephones is able to dealing with numerous of my business and private emails, together with my GMail account. I have my Gmail in field separate from my different money owed as I use this account completely for personal use. Keeping non-public and commercial enterprise separate is excellent productiveness enhancement made clean with the Android OS.

Google Docs lets in me to store documents for future overview as well as sharing files for collaboration. Being attentive to my customers is vital in my field and having the potential to receive collaborative files sent at once to my cellphone has afforded me the capability to get returned to customers fast and appropriately.

Google Voice is by way of some distance my preferred Google App. The Google Voice app that is a unfastened download from the Android market works perfectly with my Voice account. Not handiest can I receive transcripts of my voice mail emailed directly to my phone, however I also can set up a couple of outgoing messages. I even have messages particularly for clients, my enterprise associate, family and buddies as well as unknown callers. The degree of personalization is incredible and, if used creatively, could make an vital patron experience as if they’re the maximum vital character inside the international. Being capable of control and edit all my Google Voice functions from my cellphone is a effective productivity enhancement that I now depend upon for my business.

For folks who are tentative to apply all the loose Google apps, Astrid is a simple, but powerful app that could be a unfastened down load. With its functionality to sync along with your account at “Remember The Milk.Com” the Astrid app may be robotically subsidized up and synced without delay to and out of your Android telephone. Astrid offers a one of a kind level of manage over Google Tasks and its easy and clean interface makes handling tasks or To Do lists exciting.

As I actually have used or owned many unique smart telephones, I feel assured when I say that the Android OS and the myriad of Android apps offer the most effective and effective productiveness enhancing aggregate to be had. Though there are numerous different apps for the android OS and different smart phones, this mixture has labored wonders for me and my enterprise. Moreover, each app I indexed right here are one hundred% freed from price!